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no screenshot TekSIP 3.7.0 Shareware

SIP Registrar and Proxy for Windows

14 Jun 2016

MobiSIP Dialer 4.1.5 Freeware

Easy to use SoftPhone for VoIP Service users. End users can easily configure it

14 Jun 2016

sipcli 2.6.6 Shareware

Command Line SIP User Agent for Windows

14 Jun 2016

no screenshot TekSIP Route Server 1.2.9 Shareware

SIP Route/Redirect Server for Windows with ENUM Support

14 Jun 2016

no screenshot SIPob 1.1.5 Shareware

SIPob is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) outbound dialler

14 Jun 2016

TekTape 1.2.2 Shareware

TekTape is an audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator

14 Jun 2016

no screenshot TekPhone 1.4.7 Freeware

SIP Softphone - [RFC 3261] user agent for Windows

14 Jun 2016

VIP Rumor RSS Reader 5.1.0 Freeware

VIP Rumor RSS Reader is a totally FREE news aggregator or feed reader.

14 Jun 2016

112 eCall Router InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.80 Shareware

112 eCall RoutePSAP Server and 3gpp Inband Modem Server decodes MSD/FDS and post the information to the enterprise level application platform. (E.g.

23 Aug 2017

eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.3 Shareware

eCall PSAP and 3GPP Inband Modem Server MSD/FDS (Transmitted from the IVS modem

14 Jun 2016

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